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The Cure Will Reissue ‘Wish’ In 2012



UPDATE: I don’t think this is happening. 


Thanks to a post on SLICING UP EYEBALLS, who originally got the info from Cure fan-site, CHAIN OF FLOWERS, it looks as though we can be relatively certain that The Cure’s widely-dismissed (by critics, not by adoring fans) 1992 album, Wish, will get the deluxe reissue treatment this year. Makes sense. Every Cure album up to Wish has already been lovingly reissued by Rhino.

Here’s what CHAIN OF FLOWERS said:

Thursday, December 15, 2011: ‘Wish’ Deluxe CD in 2012 & new album?

Along with the news of the Secret 7″ art competition, there was this included in the bio at the Talenthouse website:

“The Cure have been re-issuing re-mastered versions of their early albums since 2003, with 1992’s ‘Wish’ (the album that carries the single ‘Friday I’m In Love’) scheduled for the ‘deluxe re-release’ treatment in 2012….The band are currently working on a new studio album”

Hope this is accurate, and part of what Robert was alluding to as “STUFF BUBBLING AWAY IN THE BASEMENT”.

Update (12-15): Have been told that this news was provided to Talenthouse by an official band source. (Thanks Joerg)

Fingers crossed on this.

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